A Lazy Weekend at Berkelah

On March 7, 2013 by Niza Zainal

Last week we joined our trekking friends, hiked up the Berkelah Falls and camped there. This time the kids were going with us; after Chilling last year Berkelah will be their second waterfall trekking.

Located in Kg. Gelugor in Maran 200km from Kuala Lumpur, Berkelah Falls is not foreign to avid trekkers and nature lovers.  The name ‘Berkelah’ is actually originated from the species of  ’ikan Kelah’ or Masheer, a local fish of the Carp family that once could be found abundance in Pahang waters.

We arrived at the Kg. Gelugor mosque just before dawn, performed the morning prayer and changed into our trekking outfit. Conveniently there’s a food stall next to the mosque where we had breakfast and waited for our ride to the trailhead. Soon enough we were transported to the starting point, and it was a fun ride. We laughed and giggled at the constant bumps while dodging tree branches from slapping our faces as the truck zigzagging through the jungle. The trek is fairly easy and before noon we were already setting up camp at our favourite spot at the third cascade of the waterfall (of overall 7-tiers waterfall).

Away from the city madness and our hectic day-to-day life there was nothing much to do up here except to enjoy the nature, eat and relax. The guys tried their luck at fishing, while the kids frolicking in the water and scares all the fish away (LOL!). After lunch some of us continued climbing to the main waterfall, but since we were with kids we decided to stay and lazying around. With the crickets and insects cooing and chirping at the background to the calming sound of  gushing waters and the gentle breeze caressing your hair – it was easy to fall asleep; and that was exactly what we did apart from swimming and eating throughout the whole weekend. That night we have chicken barbeque for dinner, and the next day a sumptuous nasi lemak – a hearty meal despite being miles away from civilization. After dinner and several rounds of poker we decided to call it a night before continuing the same routine the next day.

Oh, did I tell you that sleeping in the jungle and on top of a mountain is the best sleep in the world?


Our ride to the start of the trek

The pickup truck ride to the start of the hiking trail


Berkelah First Tier

The first tier of Berkelah Falls, with parallel  streams


Berkelah 3rd Tier, and our campsite

The third cascade, where we camped for the night


Berkelah 3rd Tier

 Calm and serene


The water glitters when hit by the morning sun; the river flows smoothly like a silk studded with thousand diamonds that it was almost difficult to look at.


Berkelah's Flora

While the kids asleep I had my try on macro shots.


Macro shot of Berkelah's Flora

 There are plenty of subjects to shoot at, if you are patience enough (steadying your hand while waiting for the wind to stop, that is!).


ikan oh ikan

The first fish caught before it managed escape. LOL.


Fish at Berkelah

Several hours later. Learning from earlier mistake the catches were put into a more secure entrapment. By the way I didn’t get to taste these blokes, I think the gang totally forgotten about them. Darn. Well, I’m not a fish lover anyway (read: self-consolation *_* ).




P/S: I’m sad to see there are trash everywhere, and Berkelah is no longer like it was 10 years ago.  Rusty food cans, discarded gas canisters, decayed plastic bags, broken styrofoam box, tissue papers et cetera, et cetera, et cetera scattered around behind the bushes and trees. It is a shame how little people treasure nature and our earth these days, and ignorantly throw rubbish as freely as they like. Remember, we did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, instead we borrow it from our future generations. We should start enjoy nature, responsibly. Save the planet.


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3 Responses to “A Lazy Weekend at Berkelah”

  • avatar

    ikan tengas!

    Kak, jalan nak masuk berkelah dah ok ke?

    saya pergi nov tahun lepas, jalan tanah runtuh lagi

  • avatar
    niza zainal

    Hehe buat pekasam sedap tu. Jalan okay tapi jambatan tu belum dibaiki lagi.

  • Duk Kuantan, tapi tak pernah sampai Bekelah. Ermm, kena pergi nie.

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