Whispering Savanna

On May 9, 2013 by Niza Zainal


The fresh scent of grass and morning dews hit my nose as the dark green jeep we rode bumped all the way across the misty plains. We had our eyes transfixed at the view in front of us as the fog faintly unfolded a beautiful valley surrounded by towering cliffs – like walls separating us from the hot and barren plateau we had just passed. The sun was beaming down on us, radiating the rich, deep blue sky while cool mist marched slowly, coating the green mountains far ahead. Withering shrubberies of gold carpeted the earth floor, and the ferns and weeds were dancing gracefully to the occasional breeze. Unfortunately our arrival was in tandem with the approaching cold season; and the wild flowers, were not there where they should be. But the lack of blooms and verdure were in no way impaired the scenery.

Still it is not easy to describe the loveliness of the Whispering Savanna – a picturesque meadow and a contrast sight to the arid and sulfur belching Bromo. Located not far from the volcanoes, the savanna can be accessed via the sea of sands or from Malang. Peeking into this little valley is like entering a different world, of beauty and peace. The exhaustion of climbing the Penanjakan earlier seemed to fade away. In silence I scaled every inch of nature in front of me, but my soul were like little kid running around amidst dried edelweiss and bushes. According to our driver, the savanna sometimes caught fire especially during the hot season, explaining patches of burnt mark we spotted on the grasses. But I guess it is part of the law of nature; as it will accelerate the spring of new vegetation that will envelop the hill with greenery comes raining season.

On the way back to Bromo we spent the time listening to our driver about the exciting locations beyond the green hills that surround the savanna – the serene Ranu Pane lake, the refreshing Coban Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall)  and the thrill of trekking the majestic Mount Semeru, the highest mountain on the island of Java.

I wish I could reach these places one day.


To the savanna, via Sea of Sand


When we asked our driver to take us to a nice photographic spot of the savanna, he brought us here. It was a beautiful spot indeed, and we were lucky that no one was around.



Dried Edelweiss


I was so absorbed with nature that when I turned back I realized how far I had wandered.



Green foliage of a new life, sprung in the middle of dry and yellowish land.




Our driver and his jeep waiting for us patiently, while we frivolously taking photos of almost everything.


Note: Click on the photo for larger image.


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3 Responses to “Whispering Savanna”

  • cantiknya view…subhanallah…

  • avatar
    niza zainal

    Harus ke savanna kalau ke Bromo.. Cantik dan unik…bayangkan di tengah tandusnya lautan pasir, tiba-tiba ada padang rumput yang menghijau. :)

  • avatar

    Jeles nyerrr… Masa kami pergi cuaca tak megizinkin… Insyallah nak repeat ke sini lagi

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